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Myofascial Release Specialist

Integrated Chiropractic

Sean Joseph, DC, CKTP

Chiropractor located in Silverdale, WA

If you struggle with sore or tight muscles or myofascial pain syndrome, turn to Integrated Chiropractic in Silverdale, Washington. Skilled Chiropractor Sean Joseph, DC, CKTP, offers myofascial release to reduce tension and pain naturally. To learn more about this stress-reducing treatment, call the Integrated Chiropractic office or send us a message from the contact us page today.

Myofascial Release Q&A

What is myofascial release?

Myofascial tissues surround muscle fibers throughout your body. Myofascial discomfort often originates because of trigger points, which are areas of tight tissue fibers. 

Myofascial release is a form of physical therapy that treats myofascial pain syndrome, an ongoing pain disorder caused by tightness and sensitivity of myofascial tissues. It reduces pain and improves musculoskeletal functioning.

When is myofascial release useful?

Your specialist uses myofascial release to alleviate discomfort caused by the following conditions:

  • Sore, tight tissues
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Neck or back pain
  • Other types of ongoing discomfort
  • Aching muscle pain
  • Persistent or worsening pain
  • Knotted muscles
  • Sleeping difficulty

You may also be a candidate for myofascial release because of venous insufficiency, a condition that causes blood to pool in leg veins and dull, aching sensations.

How does myofascial release work?

Myofascial release works by utilizing rapid release technology, manual pressure, or high-frequency vibrating devices. Your provider uses their hands or specialized tools to relieve tight or sensitive tissues, including post-surgical scars. He offers myofascial release as a noninvasive alternative to pain medicine and invasive procedures.

Licensed massage therapists at Integrated Chiropractic provide myofascial release during massage therapy sessions.

Is myofascial release right for me?

Dr. Joseph lets you know if you’re a candidate for myofascial release after discussing your symptoms and medical history with you. First, he completes a physical examination to assess overall health, pain levels, and musculoskeletal functioning. Then, Dr. Joseph develops a highly effective treatment plan to relieve tension and discomfort.

What happens during myofascial release?

During myofascial release appointments with Dr. Joseph or a massage therapist, you relax on a comfortable table. Your provider uses their hands or specialized tools to place pressure on tight tissues; they massage and stretch rigid tissues to make them more pliable and elastic. 

Your provider repeats the procedures multiple times on trigger points until they feel the tension release.

What should I expect after myofascial release?

After myofascial release sessions at Integrated Chiropractic, you can expect to feel less tension and discomfort. When needed, repeat myofascial treatments help keep pain and stress levels as low as possible, giving you a better quality of life.

To learn more about how myofascial release can help you, call the Integrated Chiropractic office or send us a message from the contact us page.