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Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting Specialist

Integrated Chiropractic

Sean Joseph, DC, CKTP

Chiropractor located in Silverdale, WA

Chiropractic instrument adjusting uses technology to align your spine and joints with precision and gentle force. At Integrated Chiropractic in Silverdale, Washington, Sean Joseph, DC, CKTP, uses the Impulse Adjusting Instrument to align your muscles, joints, and bones and relieve symptoms like pain, aches, and even anxiety. To schedule a consultation for chiropractic instrument adjusting, call Integrated Chiropractic or send us a message from the contact us page.

Chiropractic Instrument Adjusting Q&A

What is chiropractic instrument adjusting?

Chiropractic instrument adjusting is a form of chiropractic care that uses specialized instruments and technology instead of just your chiropractor’s hands to align your spine and joints. 

Chiropractic adjustments are precise and gentle in their delivery when using an instrument or device. This results in pain reduction, better mobility, and relief of symptoms from various conditions.

Like other forms of chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic instrument adjusting relieves pain and dysfunction originating in the spine. Many nerve roots exit your spine, and when your spine is out of alignment, nearby structures can irritate those nerve roots. This causes widespread symptoms in areas other than your back. 

What should I expect from chiropractic instrument adjusting?

At Integrated Chiropractic, Dr. Joseph uses the Impulse Adjusting Instrument® to provide chiropractic instrument adjusting services. The Impulse Adjusting Instrument has a microcomputer inside the device that delivers gentle pressure to various areas of your body to improve their alignment. 

The Impulse Adjusting Instrument works twice as quickly as comparable instruments and uses thrust that is faster than your body’s natural tendency to tense up during treatment. There are three different force settings on the device that Dr. Joseph can adjust according to your needs. 

Each adjustment with the Impulse Adjusting Instrument feels like a light tap in the treatment area and is painless. 

Which conditions does chiropractic instrument adjusting benefit?

Chiropractic instrument adjusting can assist in treating a variety of injuries and common conditions. The treatment improves the overall alignment of your body and reduces symptoms like soreness, stiffness, and aches. 

At Integrated Chiropractic, Dr. Joseph often uses chiropractic instrument adjusting to treat:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Depression and anxiety

Often, soft tissue injuries occur during sports play or car accidents. Dr. Joseph specializes in treating an array of sports injuries and car accident injuries using chiropractic instrument adjusting along with other therapies at Integrated Chiropractic. Before recommending treatment, he may use a digital X-ray to assess the source of your pain. 

Other standard treatment options that work well alongside chiropractic instrument adjusting at Integrated Chiropractic include Kinesio Taping®, myofascial release, and corrective exercises. 

To learn more about chiropractic instrument adjusting and how it works to treat musculoskeletal injuries and other conditions, call Integrated Chiropractic or send us a message from the contact us page.