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What’s Ideal Protein?

What’s Ideal Protein?

What’s Ideal Protein, Anyway?

One of the most rewarding aspects of providing chiropractic care is the opportunity to offer a natural weight loss solution to patients. Since 2011, Integrated Chiropractic has offered Ideal Protein, a muscle-sparing, fat-burning weight loss program that involves weekly coaching.

The Ideal Protein products range from Chocolate Brownies to Chicken Noodle Soup and though everyone finds their favorites, it’s not just the products that are special, but our team of weight loss coaches.

Coaches Dionne, Peggy, Debbie and Karen have lost a combined 315 pounds on the diet and bring their expertise to every person they coach. Our diet is divided into four phases. The first two phases focus on weight loss and the final two focus on weight stabilization.  Since all four coaches are in various stages of maintenance (or Phase 4), they’re really good at encouraging new graduates to return to the non-dieting world, with much healthier habits.

If you’d like to learn more about body composition, weight loss or Ideal Protein, talk to Dr. Joseph at your next adjustment. He’s done the diet too.

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