The Good Life @ Silverdale Wellness Center

The Good Life @ Silverdale Wellness Center

Our team at Integrated Chiropractic is entering its fifth month at our new location at 9220 Ridgetop BLVD, Silverdale Wellness Center.

We had an enormously successful, standing-room only grand opening in January, hosted the Silverdale Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours in March, enjoyed raising money for the Olympic College Foundation with Silverdale Greendrinks in April and of course, extended our incredible offer of Chiropractic to new and existing patients during our annual Patient Appreciation Day.

Silverdale Wellness Center seeks to be your wellness center of choice. It’s the home of Integrated Chiropractic with Dr. Sean Joseph and Ideal Health Center, Weight Loss with Ideal Protein, a healthy solution we’ve offered for more than four years.  But we also offer massage therapy, thermography (radiation-free cancer screening) and pain management with one of two on-staff anesthesiologists. When we say “wellness,” we mean it!

Dr. Sean and the staff of Integrated Chiropractic believe in comprehensive care and now we have the facility to do it better. If you’re already a patient, thank you. If you’ve never experienced all that Chiropractic has to offer, we’d love to introduce it to you.

Give us a call at 360-516-6296 or stop by our new office for a cup of coffee. You’ll like what you see.

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