Lipomelt, The Art Of Body Contouring

Lipomelt, The Art Of Body Contouring

The Italians called it chiaroscuro, bold contrasts between light and dark used in many Renaissance paintings to create depth, emotion and intrigue. Artists like Caravaggio and DaVinci famously employed this technique. The use of light to master design on paper and canvas has existed for centuries, with LipoMelt, science and light come together to contour the human form.

LipoMelt is a powerful Red Light Therapy (RLT) LED system, emitting both Red (635nm) and Near-Infrared (880nm) light using German-made microchips. A treatment feels like being wrapped in blankets of warm sunshine that create therapeutic and aesthetic benefits.

The Red light travels through the surface layer of the skin to interact with fat cells, allowing cell walls to become temporarily permeable which in turn allows some of the cell’s contents (fat) to leak into the body where it is processed by the lymphatic system and either utilized as energy or eliminated as waste.

The Near-Infrared light strengthens the cell’s mitochondria and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to create smoother skin texture. It aids in healing and reducing inflammation.

Both wave lengths work in harmony to help the body eliminate fatty deposits (jowls, upper arms/bra fat, abdomen, hips, buttocks) while improving the skin’s look and feel. Silverdale Wellness Center added LipoMelt to our service menu in March 2019 to provide patients with a healthy alternative to liposuction. Our first 20 patients lost a combined total of 132.3 inches with one patient losing an incredible 22.7 inches!

Clients can expect to receive two or three treatments per week that last about 30 minutes. Those who have the best results practice a healthy lifestyle that includes no alcohol, a diet of a leafy greens and lean protein and moderate activity. Clients who combine LipoMelt with Ideal Protein have exceptional outcomes.

To find out if LipoMelt is right for you please give us a call. Experience for yourself the art of body contouring.

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